Windows 10 Pro Redstone 5 include Office 2019 (64 Bit) Pre-Activated


Download Windows 10 Pro Redstone 5 ISO 64 Bit (October 2018 New Update) - When will there be a bundle of windows operating systems and office at the same ISO? Only in this version you can install the latest version of Windows 10, namely Redstone 5 (Update in October 2018) and inside it already includes Microsoft Office 2019 Pre-Activated. After you have successfully installed it, you don't need to bother to activate it anymore, because everything is pre-activated. Which means it has been activated before being packaged.

In the latest update on Redstone 5 in November 2018, there were many outstanding issues related to the latest update. But Redstone 5 Version 1809 Build 17763.55 which you will download below is the final version and is stable. So no need to worry about problems regarding software updates or driver installation. Curious to try to install? Download Windows 10 Pro Redstone 5 ISO 64 Bit accompanied by Office 2019 below.

1. Some Major Updates 
Previously, Microsoft also frequently updated to perfect the operating system made. However, it is in the form of a minor update such as just patching a hole so it's not too significant.

This time, Microsoft promises a major update that will increase effectiveness and efficiency. Just mention the presence of updated snipping tools (screenshots) and clipboard cloud, improved Edge browser performance, and a feature to find out information on computer performance when playing on the Xbox Game Bar. On computers that implement touchscreen technology, get ready also with the presence of the ShitKey keyboard.

2. File Management is More Convenient 

Microsoft also places attention at the convenience of the eye while working. The File Explorer window will be presented in dark mode so users can work more comfortably even in conditions with minimal light intensity.

Redstone 5 is also prepared for a faster search with a preview in the Search column. Even more interesting, Microsoft also allows users to name the tile folder, which is a folder on the Start Menu that contains a collection of certain applications. That way, the user becomes easier in organizing what applications are commonly used.

3. Become Part of Windows Insider

Update-October-2018-Windows-10-Pro-Redstone-5-3To perfect its products, Microsoft invites anyone who is not part of Microsoft or Windows workers to help develop Windows 10 through Windows Insider. Not only IT experts (even though it is preferred), anyone can contribute to making this operating system in accordance with the wishes of many users (insider members).

In addition, another advantage of being part of Windows Insider is that it will get more previews of the latest Windows 10, including Redstone 5. That way, the latest features of the latest Windows 10 can be enjoyed first without paying and easier.

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Latest Features of Windows 10 Pro Redstone 5 64 Bit:
  • File Explorer dark theme user interface
  • Notifications in the Action Center now feature a fade-in effect
  • A redesigned snipping experience via WIN + SHIFT + S.
  • Snips will now present a notification pop up
  • Open Screen Sketch with the Print Screen button
  • A new “Screen snip” action has been added to quick actions
  • Copied content can now be seen in a new clipboard, accessed with WIN+V
  • Game Bar has been redesigned with new features
  • Emoji 11 is now available
  • Included – Microsoft Office 2019 Pre Activated
  • Pre Activated Windows 10 Pro RS5
Windows-10-Pro-Redstone 5-Office 2019-Pre-Activated-1

Windows-10-Pro-Redstone 5-Office 2019-Pre-Activated-2
Download Link:
[Google Drive/FileUpload] 
Windows 10 Pro Redstone 5 include Office 2019 (64 Bit) Pre-Activated
(4.4 GB)

How to Install Microsoft Windows 10 Pro RS5 ISO File:
  • Download Windows 10 Pro Redstone 5 ISO 64 bit full version
  • Extract with the latest Winrar
  • Prepare an empty Flashdisk of at least 8GB
  • Use the Rufus program to create a bootable flash drive
  • Select the Windows ISO file on the Rufus program, wait until it's finished
  • Restart the computer, boot the computer from Flash Disk
  • Install Win 10 RS5 as usual, do not need Windows 10 activator
  • Enjoy!
➠ Windows has been activated by default Pre-Activated
➠ Microsoft Office 2019 has also been Pre-Activated  
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