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Supercopier Final is a new application from Supercopier which serves to speed up the process of copying past files or folders on your PC. Sometimes when we want to copy files from a flashdisk to a PC or vice versa it feels very slow even though we already use a PC with a good spec. Now by using this Supercopier program, you can copy and paste files or folders faster when compared to ordinary copy paste in Windows.

This Supercopier program will speed up the process of copying the file up to several times, so it will shorten the time to copy the file. Besides that you can also set the speed of copy and paste the file to your liking. Then bugs when copying large files have also been addressed in this latest version of Supercopier. So what are you waiting for, you immediately download and install this Supercopier program now.

Features Of Supercopier
  • Transfer resuming
  • Copy speed control
  • No bugs if you copy more than 2GB at once
  • Copy speed computation
  • Better copy progress display
  • Copy list editable while copying
  • Error log
  • Copy list saving/loading
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