How to FIX Problem : Can't Download at Google Drive

How to FIX Problem : Can't Download at Google Drive - When you want to download on Google Drive have you met a warning like the picture on the left? If so, then you are subject to download limit. The reason is because within 24 hours many people access the file, as a result you can't download it on Google Drive.

In order for you to access the file, you must follow the Google Drive download limit method as follows.

Step 1
The first step, you must have a Google Drive account and make sure your google drive storage is sufficient. If you don't, you must register first and make new one google drive account. In the URL column, delete the "&export=download" section, then replace the "uc" section with "open".

Step 2
In the upper right corner, click "Google Drive + Logo".

Step 3
After the logo changes, click again, then click "My Drive".

Step 4
Right-click on the file you want to download, then click "Make a Copy".

Step 5
Then a new file will appear with the prefix "Copy of" name. Right-click on the file, then click "Download". Wait for the download and completion process, the problem can not be downloaded on Google Drive resolved.

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