How to Fix Internet Download Manager (IDM) Fake Serial Number (100% Work)


How to Fix IDM Fake Serial Number (100% Work) - Internet Download Manager (IDM) is indeed an idol software in the process of downloading. But lately there has been a rather strange case in my opinion. Many experienced notifications that emerged from IDM that read "Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake serial number". Yes, maybe almost all IDM users experience notifications like this.

Actually notifications that appear because this fake serial does not affect IDM performance, because IDM can still be used as usual and remain activated. But I admit that the note from IDM Fake Serial number is very annoying. Every time you close it later the same notif appears again.

Now, you don't need to worry anymore, because here I will explain how to eliminate registered IDM notifs with a fake serial number very easily. The trick is to run TrashReg.exe and stop the visual protect process, then replace the "IDMGrHlp" file contained in the IDM system with "IDMGrHlp" which I shared below. For more details, please see the following method.

How to Fix IDM Notifications has been registered with a fake serial number:
  1. Before using this method, you must ensure that the IDM installed on your PC is the latest IDM. If you don't have the latest IDM, first please download the latest version of IDM - Download IDM 6.31 Build 9 Final Full Version.
  2. Download IDM Fake Serial Remover at the link below of this article.
  3. In order for the patch process to remove IDM notif Fake Serial Number is running smoothly, please turn off the antivirus installed on your PC temporarily.
  4. Extract the file. The extract results will be in the form of a folder in which there are several files.
  5. Click 2x on the "TrashReg.exe" file and install it as usual.
  6. After the "TrashReg.exe" file installation process is complete, open the application and look for a file "Visual Protect 3.5+". After meeting, you click on the 1x file "Visual Protect 3.5+" and delete it. (if it's not there, you can skip this step)
  7. Okay, one process has finished. Now go to the next step.
  8. Now Enter the Task Manager.
  9. After entering the task manager, Select the Processes tab. Then you look down the process named "IDMan.exe" or "Internet Download Manager". If you have found it please click on the "IDMan.exe" process and select end processes/end task. If you don't find a file named "IDMan.exe" then you can skip to the next step.
  10. Now run the application "IDM Trial Reset.exe" which is contained in the extracted folder. Then click the Trial reset tab and you check 'Automatically'. wait until the process is complete.
  11. If the process is complete, you can just copy the files "IDMGrHlp.exe", "Patch.exe" and also "Registration.reg" to your IDM installation folder and select Replace / Overwrite. Usually the location of the IDM installation folder is in C: \ Program Files \ Internet Download Manager \
  12. Right-click Patch.exe > ​​Run as Administrator > Click Patch > Fill in your first name & last name up to you.
  13. Close Patch, then click 2x on the file "Registration.reg"
  14. Finished!
Download Link : - Download IDM Fake Serial Remover - 2 MB
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