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GOM Audio Player is the latest application that is distributed for free to playing music in MP3, M4As, and other popular music formats on your computer with an amazing sound. GOM Audio Player is better than GOM Media Player, because in this software there are all the functions in GOM Media Player plus an increase in sound output quality, which makes the music you play through this GOM Player application become more quality and more comfortable to hear.

The latest GOM Audio Player supports all functions and features contained in the GOM Media Player version. If you are bored with the music collection you have, you can also listen to radio broadcasts online using the latest GOM Audio Player. You can also change the appearance of this GOM Player, so that if you get bored with that look, you can change the display that matches your Mod when listening to music.

Main Features GOM Audio Player
  • Listen to Internet Radio : Several popular internet radio stations come pre-loaded for convenient listening, and just like GOM Media Player, GOM audio can open and play streams of live broadcasts from all over the world that are hosted online.
  • Power Options : Automatically shutdown, restart, or put your computer to sleep when your playlists reach the end. Fall asleep while listening to music without worring about your PC being on all night!
  • Low Resource Usage : It doesn’t take much to run GOM Audio, so you won’t need to close other programs or micro-manage your resource usage in order to play your music smoothly. You can also use GOM Audio’s Mini Player mode to lock playback controls to the taskbar for easy access and reduced clutter on your screen.
  • Choose Your Skin : GOM Audio’s default skin has three different display modes to choose From, and you can change your skin entirely by choosing a new one from the preferences window.
Operating System
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 – 32-Bit and 64-Bit
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